Underground Love

I recently upgraded my mobile to the iPhone Xs. And while I know there are lots of phones out there with much better cameras, I’m glad that this upgrade has allowed me to make some images when I don’t have my main camera with me.

This image was taken at one of those times. I was on my way to meet friends downtown and was not looking to do anything else but have a nice, social evening. About halfway through my ride, this couple came onto the subway, and, having only a single seat available in the car, the man sat down and patted his knees, signalling his significant other to take a load off.

This hardly ever happens because I think, as adults, we feel awkward sitting on someone’s lap, especially in public. 

But this couple was so endearing. I discreetly took out my phone and made a few shots. I continued to watch them for a little while longer when I noticed that the man was so content with his love that he closed his eyes. That moment to me spoke far more about his emotions than when they were talking to each other just a few moments earlier. So I pulled out my phone again to capture this moment. I think this is now one of my favourites. 

It’s true what they say - the best camera is the one you have with you. 

(Edited on Mobile Lightroom.)

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